Feel free to contact us at hello@diningforsight.org


People with visual impairment face a higher risk of unemployment, mental health problems due to social isolation, poverty and dependence. Dining For Sight is a social enterprise set up to offer training and work experience for visually impaired people to boost their confidence and employability within the catering industry. Our initial trading activities include pop up dining clubs on Fridays and expand to street food events and food festivals in the near future.

The enterprise also aims to become a champion for eye health by delivering key messages about how to look after people’s eyes through blogs, workshops, talks and events as well as via videos and social media messages.


We are a start up enterprise with a team of two: Thuy Pham , an orthoptist and Faith Barber, a trained visually impaired chef.

We are currently training one lady with visual impairment, who on successful completion of the training, will join our team on a long term basis. Please feel free to contact us if you know someone with visual impairment who is interested in training and working with us.

Thuy Pham – Orthoptist (eyes) and Founder

Faith Barber – Visually impaired Chef and Chief Trainer

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